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Social-Emotional-Behavioral Assessment

Ages 2-30

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Our staff have extensive experience in assessing development from an interdisciplinary perspective in order to identify strengths and weaknesses unique to each individual. This assessment considers physical/body, mind and social-emotional capacities. Goals based on the DIR Functional Emotional Developmental Levels (FEDLS) are developed from the assessment to guide intervention programs and inform parents and professionals of the potential that can be maximized from the appropriate treatment plan. Principles and strategies from other intervention approaches may also be incorporated into the treatment plan if right for your individual child. We also welcome working collaboratively with your child’s intervention team and/or school regardless of variations in methodology. 


Ages 2-30

$35 to $150 an hour

After an initial assessment above, Floortime sessions with one of our Floortime Players will target intensive FEDL goals to foster the healthy development of your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth and success. 

Facilitated Communication

Ages 8-30

$100 per hour

Facilitated Communication (FC) is a form of Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) in which individuals, with complex communication needs, develop their pointing skills for communication utilizing pictures, symbols, letters, or words. FC training is useful for teaching individuals who cannot speak or point reliably due to neuro-motor problems such as impulsivity, regulation of movement, poor eye-hand coordination, and difficulty with initiation and sustainment of movement to develop effective pointing skills. FC training  presumes competence, to increase student interest and motivation, by using age appropriate content. The ultimate goal of FC training is to become as independent as possible in communicating at a level that is commensurate with intellectual ability regardless of physical limitations. A FC evaluation would be appropriate for any individual not currently communicating in an effective, reliable and age appropriate way. An initial evaluation can take place regardless of a person's previous/current perceived ability/inability to identify objects, pictures, letters or words. Parent participation is required in all sessions so that all skills can be practiced and carried over in the home. 

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