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Weekly Groups 

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Young Adult Social Skills

Thursdays, Weekly


Ages: 18-25

$70 per group
In person or Video Chat

Our peer and group Floortime sessions are designed to meet the needs of individuals 10 years+. All people have the right to positive and supportive relationships in all aspects of their lives and these skills are critical to successful interactions and participation in all societal settings. Foundational and prerequisite skills such as assertiveness, selfadvocacy, perseverance, work ethic, person centered planning, self-discipline and self-reflection are explored. Dyads and groups are formed based on need and individual profiles. Intensive DIR goals are identified and fostered to support social, emotional and cognitive growth and success. This group heavily targets each individual’s sense of self and selfesteem, self- regulation, initiation, communication and sharing of ideas and interests

Autism Social Club

Mondays, Weekly


Ages: 18-28

$35 per group

In Person

Get ready for fun and goal-oriented leisure pursuits explored via video chat! This group will focus on inclusion, exposure to new experiences and peer interactions on the forefront of a great time in a group setting. Individuals begin to develop a sense of fulfillment, self-esteem and independence as a member of a social circle. Opportunities to deal with real- life feedback, both positive and natural consequences from peers and community professionals, are supported by caring staff while at the same time decreasing prompt dependency and the "bail out” by others. Groups work together to advocate favorite activities or make suggestions for something new. Favorite in person activities (coming in winter)include opportunities to guest DJ at Home Grown Radio Station in Boonton, mini golf, bowling, train trips, game nights, Culture Cabin, laser tag, fencing, Power Play Gaming, ice skating, corn mazes, short trips using public transportation and more. Video chat sessions include special guests such as Grammy-nominated musician Brady Rymer, group games, guest demonstrations, and most importantly time spent with friends, old and new. Join the gang and have a blast with something special to look forward to each week!

Digital Arts

Tuesdays. Weekly


Ages 14-28

$50 per group

Via Video Chat or In Person

This digital arts/multi-media program incorporates video, still photography, and music as a means to explore the students’ passions while developing technical skills.

Social Club: Nerd Group!

Tuesdays, Weekly


Ages 12-28

$35 per group

Via Video Chat or In Person

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Club This social group is the perfect outlet for all of your geeky needs. Have you ever wanted to create a fantasy world of your own? Chat with like minded individuals and play some video games? Design and paint mini gaming figures? We'll do all that and more. Join us and let your creativity and fandom shine! We focus on sharing our passions with others while providing a creative outlet to express and explore new things. Everyone is entitled to feel a sense of community and belonging, build connections with different personalities over shared interests, learn the art of group navigation and pursue passions and leisure pursuits with likeminded people. This community building class promotes the extension of social circles and the ability to learn how to make new connections. Importantly, it fosters the potential to build a life based upon being an integral part of a strong fellowship by sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. Both individual goals and group dynamics are facilitated with the context of creativity, problem solving and ingenuity.

Growth of the Mind

Mondays, Weekly


Ages 15-28

$50 per group

Shifting 21st century life demands in the workforce and beyond are recognizing core capacities, such as problem solving and critical thinking, as keys to success in competitive employment and education. Building on the foundations of regulation, engagement and intentionality, students begin to move into the higher levels of symbolic, emotional, critical, and abstract thinking. The utilization of multiple ways of deriving solutions, understanding and foreseeing the outcomes, viewing issues from other’s perspectives, thinking on your feet in the moment, being creative and innovative, working collaboratively, using good judgment when making decisions and sequencing solutions are crucial components in being a competent and independent problem solver. Students will gain a leg up in vying for positions in the workforce by gaining experience, selfesteem and skills as they excel in being active problem solvers.

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