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Celebrating Neurodiversity

Limitless 2020 Summer Program

July 8th-August 7th

      Children with sensory, learning and communication difficulties often possess social deficits. These are due to a lack of connectedness to others, deficits in abstract thinking, problem solving and motor planning/visual-spatial abilities. Often, this is a result in low confidence or Independence and inappropriate behavior in social situations. Typically, these children do not pick up social behavior by mere observation of others. They require skills that need to be developed in an environment where they feel motivated and comfortable enough to interact. Limitless believes that the best way to facilitate socialization in every child is to demonstrate an understanding for the child’s individual differences.

      We believe in celebrating the child for who they are rather than trying to make them someone else. We attempt to let each child know we respect them for their interests, encouraging them to feel comfortable with us.

      Once the child has made a connection with those around them, specific social skills are carefully laid in. Although demands on the child may be increased, respect for their world will never be put second to those demands. Continual enthusiasm for their interests builds a trusting relationship that allows for maximum learning.

      Children with disabilities are children first. Therefore, our summer program focuses on having the silly, carefree kind of fun every child should enjoy. It is our experience that this type of environment, saturated with typical peers as models, promotes the best socialization and independence in all children.

We hope that you will be part of our 23rd annual summer program. We anticipate a summer experience never to be forgotten!

Please fill out the "RETURNING STAFF" application if you have worked summer camp sometime in the last 3 years.

Please fill out the "NEW STAFF" application if you have NOT worked summer camp sometime in the last 3 years.

If you are interested in signing up a peer model (ages 3-14), please fill out a registration form.



What does a student get with this program?

  • Developmental Individual Relationship based

  • Therapy/DIR®/Floortime™ (Greenspan-Wieder)

  • Intensive developmental intervention using an interdisciplinary, relationship-based approach

  • Focus on improving the areas of sensory integration, thinking, communicating, relating, emotional regulation, problem solving, and other social skills

  • Highly trained DIR® faculty supervising all aspects of the program

  • DIR® trained SLP, OT, and PT therapists working with each classroom (individual services will not be offered)

  • Daily motor planning and sequencing activities, visual-spatial thinking/skill development

  • Social skills work focusing on emotions and Theory-of-Mind development, abstract, critical and logical thinking and independence

  • All-day peer modeling/facilitated play/relationship development

  • Self-esteem/image enhancement

  • Outdoor water play

  • Arts and crafts, music and dancing

  • Friday special events

  • And all your basic summer program activities….

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